VibranteTM: A forward-thinking concept

Vibrante is a shared living community where women don’t have to age alone: staying vibrant, healthy, engaged…contributing to the greater good. If you’re age 55 or older and want to enjoy the company of like-minded women in a private, home environment, Vibrante is the place for you. 

Thriving COmMUNity

This is the companionship you love and crave – strong, smart, interesting women who want to live their purpose as they age. Welcome to Vibrante. 


Vibrante combines the character of city living with the comfort of an intimate neighborhood. Every room in the house has a view of Lake Nokomis. Walking and bike paths, the library, restaurants and shopping are all nearby. With so much to do and see, every day can be an adventure. 

Concierge Service 

Private chef? Yoga? Educational forum? Tickets to the theatre? An afternoon at the museum? How about a day at the spa? From reservations for the best dining in the Twin Cities to private transportation, we have it covered. What would you like to do today? 

Opportunities to GroW

We know that contributing to the greater good is what gives your life meaning. As a member of Vibrante, you can continue learning more about the issues and volunteering for the causes that matter most to you. 


We anticipate our next availability in June 2020. Let’s connect in the meantime! I’d love to sit down with you over coffee or talk with you over the phone about some of the things you might need to consider for this next stage of your life. If you are interested in moving into Vibrante Living or another shared living environment, please give yourself plenty of time for planning purposes.