Our Why  Words from Our Founder 

The purpose of Vibrante is simple yet powerful – to improve our lives as we age. At the heart of our vision lies the desire to create an intentional community where older women can enjoy the best life has to offer. The idea developed gradually during my career as a clinical social worker, when I began to realize that older adults often experienced loneliness and isolation while navigating difficult life changes such as the loss of a spouse or partner, retirement, or moving into a senior living facility. I was struck by how few choices were available to them. They could either live alone in their own homes, or they could move into an independent or assisted living environment. What mattered most to the people I knew was active involvement in the community, companionship, opportunities to grow and remain active, and the ability to pursue a meaningful and joyful life. I realized that there was a great need for a space that would provide older, healthy women with all of these things. I believe that women deserve to experience joy, excitement and a sense of purpose regardless of their age. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great to create a place like ‘The Golden Girls’?” I decided I would dedicate the next stage of my life to helping other women remain engaged, connected and vibrant as they grow older. Several years later, Vibrante was born. I am incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to serving Vibrante members for years to come. 

“Every woman deserves to live a joyful, purpose-filled life as she ages. That means a caring community, opportunities to serve the greater good, and the ability to grow and thrive.” 

Roxanne J. Cornell, Vibrante Founder


About Roxanne 

Roxanne J. Cornell is the owner and founder of Vibrante. A clinical social worker by education and training, she spent decades helping people navigate life transitions. She also spent five years as the owner of a small home improvement business. A social entrepreneur is someone whose business endeavor is primarily focused on innovative ways to benefit society, rather than solely on income and profits. A social entrepreneur at heart, Roxanne left her job with a local law firm to start Vibrante, a company whose name evokes the flourishing spirit she hopes to nourish. Roxanne bought a large home on Lake Nokomis, remodeled it and began spreading the word. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Always at the forefront of change, Roxanne continues to look for new ways to enhance people’s lives and bring them joy. She enjoys yoga, the arts, reading, great food, interesting conversation, biking, gardening, being on the water, and is a big believer in staying active through all our seasons. Roxanne is a lifelong learner, finding joy and fulfillment in building relationships with people across various walks of life. She is a member of Edina Professionals Serving Seniors and the Minneapolis Area Senior Workers Association, including serving as past Chair of the Board’s Education Committee. Roxanne is also a member of the following organizations: the American Society of Aging, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and the YWCA. She has been licensed by the Minnesota Board of Social Work as an Independent Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 25 years.