Embracing change as you age means new, rich adventures are surely ahead

Many of us aren’t satisfied with standing still. We may have a few more aches and pains, but we still want to stay involved and challenged. While it’s certainly true that some people get stuck in ruts as they age, they may just need a gentle nudge to break out of their current routine. Altering how you think about change may inspire you to embrace new adventures!

Change doesn’t mean you’re losing what you’re moving away from. This can be hard for us to remember, especially as we get older. It’s not easy leaving the home where you’ve spent decades raising a family. Focus on your past experiences as the necessary foundation for new adventures. Be thankful to that house and for those memories. They continue to serve a purpose. Everything you’ve done in the past is what’s brought you to this point where you’re ready to tackle things you may not have done before.

Retirement is your opportunity to fill your days with rich and fulfilling interactions. Whether you’re joining a club, making new friends or trying a new activity, lifestyle changes can be invigorating. Remember, you bring a lifetime of experiences into the lives of those you meet. You’re enriching their lives as much as they will yours! 

I was in my sixties when I created Vibrante Living. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a risk because I wanted to give other women an easier means for taking bold, new steps in life by surrounding themselves with other like-minded companions. I believe shared living concepts such as Vibrante can encourage and support the big life changes that will keep us thriving in our later years. Being in the company of other women who also value new experiences makes the initial transition easier, and frankly more fun!

Aging no longer means slowing down. Today is the perfect time to try something new. Volunteer, take a class or visit that restaurant you never had time to try while raising a family. Staying active and engaged is good for our health!

Change in life is constant, so what if we all agreed to interpret it differently? Let’s look at all the possibilities change can bring and spend less time fretting about what could go wrong. Science shows our brains don’t like uncertainty, so you’re not alone if you find change difficult. Reframing how we think about new challenges is key. One of my favorite quotes is, “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

If you are considering a change in your lifestyle, please give me a call. I’d love to give you some of my favorite tips for getting unstuck.

Staying connected will benefit your health and happiness in retirement

Feeling a sense of belonging – in your neighborhood, among a small group of friends or to a community organization – can greatly impact your health and happiness as you age. “I think people are craving that,” I said in an interview with Face Aging MN. “We all need purpose. I don’t care if you’re 20 or 90. We need purpose every day.” I created Vibrante Living because I believe shared living that encourages strong connections – among housemates and throughout the community – will inspire older adults to live vibrant, engaged lives.

I was so happy to talk with Face Aging MN about the importance of building community with our aging neighbors. Their campaign strives to raise awareness about issues facing our aging population in Minnesota. This is an issue close to my heart. Aging can be isolating if we don’t mindfully make choices that keep us connected. Strong social connections make us feel loved and valued. Some studies show that the impact of isolation and loneliness on our health may be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day! But where can we make these kinds of connections? 

For many older adults, family is the first place they turn for quality, fulfilling relationships. But if that’s not possible – maybe your kids all live out of state and you live alone – finding strong connections elsewhere is important. One of my favorite suggestions is to volunteer for a cause that’s meaningful to you. This is a great way to meet like-minded people. Or join a social group such as a book or garden club. Retirement is the perfect time to take a cooking class or to learn Spanish. You can meet lifelong goals with the secondary benefit of connecting with others. 

The very best way to make sure you’re feeling connected is by choosing a living situation that encourages strong relationships. We often think downsizing to an apartment or condo is the best choice as we age. Or maybe you’ve thought about moving into a large retirement complex. But you may still be lonely while surrounded by hundreds of other people. I believe sharing a home with a small group of like-minded women, such as at Vibrante, may be the best way to ensure a joyful, purpose-filled life.

Vibrante brings four women who might otherwise be living alone together to share a private home. Living among a small group often encourages more camaraderie. Vibrante is situated in the heart of a Minneapolis neighborhood, and as I told Face Aging MN, creating smaller, alternative housing options for seniors in their own community is a great way to help them keep lifelong connections strong.

If you are age 55 or older, let me know how you stay connected. Do you wish you had greater opportunities to interact with like-minded people?

ActiveOver50's Senior Housing Guide ran my article on community aging

I’m always eager to tell others about the wonderful benefits of shared housing. The sense of community it creates may help us live longer, healthier lives as we age. Thanks to the editors of ActiveOver50 magazine for including my article in their senior housing guide. “Community and independence are not mutually exclusive,” I wrote, and this is why small, shared living situations like Vibrante are a great a retirement option for active older adults.

Several articles throughout this special edition of ActiveOver50 highlighted the importance of avoiding loneliness and isolation as we age. Another clear theme was the growing number of boomers who want to remain active in retirement. One adventure travel company specifically caters to older travelers. Another story talked about retirement communities that include everything from gyms to organized outings that appeal to their residents who want to live an active lifestyle.

“Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you suddenly lose interest in the things you’ve been passionate about. In fact, now you may even have more time and energy to enjoy them,” I wrote. Knowing this, I included a concierge service when I designed Vibrante Living. There’s so much to do and see in our community, and I want to enable the four women living at Vibrante to have their best years yet.

Vibrante is a single-family residence featuring four private bedroom suites with en-suite baths. This community-style living, in the heart of Minneapolis, allows women to enjoy each other’s companionship while living in a private, home environment. This is a great way to keep loneliness from creeping into our lives as we age!

ActiveOver50 magazine has grown significantly over the past decade, likely because businesses realize that active seniors make up a large, growing segment of our population. In the next 30 years, the over-65 population will be larger than the younger generations. I’m grateful for being able to help grow the conversation about helping people thrive as they age. 

Would a shared housing concept be a good fit for you? Or maybe you have a friend who could benefit from a community like Vibrante’s. Share my blog with your friends, so we can show others the value of community living while actively aging.

Thanks, Face Aging MN, for including me in your conversation about aging

The more we talk about aging, the closer we’ll come to ending the stigma often associated with getting older. I was honored to encourage these important discussions in an interview with Face Aging MN. The goal of Face Aging MN is to create a conversation that leads families, community leaders, caregivers and legislators to embrace the responsibility that comes with a rapidly aging society. It was great to talk with representatives of this campaign because, like me, they are passionate about ending ageism and supporting Minnesota’s older adults.

Face Aging MN looks for ways to improve gaps in elder care. I shared a story about a need that I helped fill in my community for more volunteer drivers. A simple act – driving a neighbor to the store – significantly impacts people facing new challenges as they get older. 

One of the organization’s top priorities is making sure all of Minnesota's older adults have high-quality housing, an issue close to my heart. I created Vibrante Living because I saw an unfulfilled need for retirement housing for women who want to remain active and who value a small community of like-minded women. Getting older doesn’t look the same for everyone, so we need to create options. I hope Vibrante reaches women who feel that a large retirement complex is not the best fit for them.

During the interview, I said “I think the more we talk about aging, the more we see it, which is a good thing. It’s a call to action.” Working together we can create support systems to care for our elders. Change will come by using our voices, starting at the local level. “We need to have these conversations with city council members, with our neighbors,” I told Face Aging MN. “We need to start talking or continue to talk. We’re ill-prepared in this country for the older adult population and how we’re going to care for them.”

Thank you, Face Aging MN, for your advocacy and for talking with me. As with their work, I hope Vibrante Living helps more Minnesotans embrace aging. Vibrante is located near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. It’s a unique living situation that enables four active women to share companionship and involvement in their older years. I believe every woman deserves to live a joyful, purpose-filled life as she ages.  

If Vibrante sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know, I’d love to talk more about my vision for women living at Vibrante. Call me at 612-816-6940 to talk or set up a tour. 

My Aging But Dangerous interview explored why shared living is trending

It’s always great to talk with other women who share my passion for living active, engaged lives as we get older. I recently did a live-streamed interview with Jean Ketcham, CEO of Aging But Dangerous, an organization with the goal of helping older women live with spirit and style. Aging But Dangerous creates events for women who know their next big adventure is just around the corner. This is in line with why I created Vibrante Living. Aging doesn’t have to mean it’s time to slow down.

I was thrilled to learn that Ketcham has always wanted to create something like Vibrante. She sees a great need for this kind of shared living in our community and all over the country. Viewers watching our live interview wrote in to ask how they could start a similar home in their part of the country.

Ketcham asked what prompted me to start Vibrante Living. We agreed there are many baby boomers out there who want to live vibrant lives, in smaller communities where they can make real connections with others. I saw that Vibrante could fill a housing gap that exists for women who live independently but feel that life at home, alone, is isolating. There are many large complexes for 55+ adults, but as a social worker, I know that you can feel lonely even if you are surrounded by hundreds of other tenants.

Quality of relationships is so important. My love of the show Golden Girls helped drive my vision. At Vibrante, four women live together in a home with lots of beautiful, shared living space. Each woman also has their own suite with en suite bath and plenty of private space. It’s perfect for women who value building strong friendships. This kind of companionship keeps us healthy as we age. And it’s just a more fun way to spend our later years! You’ll come home to the lights on, and possibly a friend to share a story and a cup of coffee. 

Ketcham was interested to hear if Vibrante would be expanding beyond our first house. Once the word gets out about all the benefits to this kind of community – companionship and shared living truly keep us healthy and happy – I hope to add more homes. I see this as my contribution to older women in my community. Regardless of age, we should be able to live interesting, active lives in loving, caring environments.

If you share my vision for how your later years should look, give me a call at 612-816-6940. I would love to meet you and give you a tour of Vibrante.

Age better by living among other purpose-filled women

As we think about aging, we often focus on the physical: what we need to do to keep our bodies strong, enabling us to live active, rewarding lives long into retirement. Diet and exercise are obvious factors, but our emotional health also impacts how we age. A study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that older adults who have a strong purpose in life slowed their physical decline. This is good news because it’s a factor that you can control, and this is part of my vision for the women at Vibrante Living.

Living a purpose-filled life may mean something as simple as having a friend to share dinner with. Or maybe it means something bigger to you: traveling to places you’ve never been, volunteering for a cause that’s close to your heart or learning a new skill. These are the kinds of experiences that will help you age with strength and meaning.  

The study found that older adults living with a sense of purpose had a 13 percent decreased risk of developing a weak grip and a 14 percent decreased risk of developing a slow walk. This demonstrates that caring for our emotional health has a positive effect on our physical health.

If you need more proof that a purpose-filled life can help you live longer and stronger, look no further than people such as Aleksander Doba, who kayaked across the Atlantic at age 70 so he could feel alive in his old age; or look at Jane Fonda, who at 80, shows no signs of slowing her thriving Hollywood career. Their strength in their later years is almost certainly due in part to continued dedication to things that bring purpose to their lives.

Filling your life with meaningful experiences is easier in a shared living community such as Vibrante Living. Vibrante brings together four smart, interesting women so they can cultivate the kinds of relationships that are sure to lead to a purpose-filled life. Vibrante can help you set up meaningful volunteer work, help you plan your next trip or find the perfect place for dinner with your friends. Thanks to its urban setting in the heart of Minneapolis, you’re surrounded by cultural activities, biking and walking trails and world-class dining, all things that, with a friend by your side, are sure to keep you actively loving life.

If you want to remain active in your community, all while surrounding yourself with other purpose-filled women, consider Vibrante Living. Call me at 612-816-6940, I would love to tell you more.

Vibrante's shared living concept puts your bucket list within reach


One of my goals for Vibrante Living is to help women live a joyful, purpose-filled life as they age. Maybe that includes knocking some of those items off your bucket list. I’ve seen estimates that more than 91 percent of us have one!

We all spend time thinking about the milestones and experiences we want to accomplish before the end of our lives. Maybe your bucket list focuses on travel: walk the Great Wall of China, ride a gondola in Venice, go on an African safari or castle hop across Europe. A lot of times our bucket lists also are filled with personal goals we haven’t had time to focus on while raising families or advancing our careers. Maybe you would like to learn a new language, take a cooking class or try yoga for the first time.

But even better than enjoying those life experiences would be doing so with the companionship of other vibrant, like-minded women. Vibrante Living offers four women the chance to experience life together in a shared living community, without giving up their independence. This alternative living environment enables women to naturally build relationships while offering amenities similar to big retirement complexes on a smaller, more personal scale.

Vibrante’s concierge service makes achieving life’s goals as you age easier and more enjoyable. Would you like someone to book your plane tickets? Or maybe you need help finding a French class that’s a good fit? Would you like to secure tickets to see Hamilton when it hits the Orpheum Theatre? These are all things Vibrante’s concierge will take care of for you. 

If your bucket list is distinctly more Minnesotan, or if you love to make the most out of everything our area has to offer, Vibrante’s location is perfect for you. The remodeled, urban home is located just off Lake Nokomis in the heart of Minneapolis. Each private suite has a view of the lake, and each day can be an adventure. Walking and biking trails, a thriving dining scene, and the theater and arts are all nearby and easily accessible.

And when you decide to start ticking items off your Minnesota to-do list, our concierge service will take the work out of the planning. We’ll help you plan your trip to see the Northern Lights, tour the state’s waterfalls, try dog sledding or even sign you up for a polar plunge. (OK, that last one isn’t really on anyone’s bucket list, is it?)

My vision for Vibrante is to bring together active, educated women who love to learn and live life to its fullest. They may be divorced, widowed or never married, and this would be a space where they could find friendship and companionship.

If you are interested in learning more about how Vibrante Living can help you live your later years of life, give me a call at 612-816-6940. I am happy to set up a tour or meeting.

Vibrante's shared living concept draws global attention

When I first conceived of Vibrante Living, I never anticipated that it would attract interest from around the globe! The concept of providing a shared residence for four vibrant adult women aged 55+ is resonating with a lot of people. I am proud to be the first to be making it a reality.

Baby boomers have a broader view of the types of services and options they want as they enter the last 30 years of their lives. That’s why some corporations are now designing massive adult living complexes that offer travel services, healthier meals and other amenities that suit a more active lifestyle.

But you and I know that not everyone will thrive while living in a big complex. You can be lonely surrounded by people. The quality of your relationships matters.

As an alternative shared living environment, Vibrante Living will enable women to build friendships naturally. And my personal concierge service, similar to that offered at high-end hotels, will help ensure these women have everything they need to continue living big, abundant lives.

I’m so appreciative of everyone who is sharing my posts and sending me encouraging responses. It takes a village to bring a new concept to life. I’m receiving inquiries from women currently living as far away as the west coast. I’ve also had positive comments from followers in England and The Netherlands. I’m beyond excited.

Above all else, I want to prove that this idea has merit and that it is a viable solution for active baby boomers who don’t want to return to an empty house day after day.

We all need ongoing companionship if we are to remain healthy and involved in life. Some studies show that the impact of isolation and loneliness on our health may be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Vibrante Living is a labor of love. America needs this concept. I look forward to sharing more updates with you very soon. 

FOX 9 reporter explores new living concept for older adult women

FOX 9 was so intrigued by the Vibrante Living concept that producers sent one of my favorite reporters, M.A. Rosko, to tour our beautifully remodeled Lake Nokomis home. Thanks to Rosko's skilled interview, the story turned out so great, they aired it four times!

Living options for active, independent women aren’t plentiful, but as Vibrante’s founder, I’m working to change that. And if it reminds you of the popular television show “The Golden Girls,” well, that’s no coincidence. They were in mind when the concept was created.

Rosko calls my concept, “Golden Girls living for modern times.” When I was asked about similarities, I told her, “Well, they had fun. They were up at midnight eating cheesecake and drinking coffee. They cared for each other, they loved each other. They ended up being really great friends.”

It was a thrill to give Rosko and her camera person a tour of the home. She seemed impressed by the shared living spaces. She also commented on the wonderful views of Lake Nokomis from each of the private suites. These suites are currently blank slates, waiting for the personal touches of the women who move into them. When women do move in, I expect them to bring their big, full lives. It’s important for us as we age to keep our lives active and interesting. I think that’s easier to do with a small community of like-minded, progressive women.

I’m also thankful to Rosko for telling viewers that Vibrante also features amenities that aren’t found in the average home, including concierge service. If you’re tired and have had a long week, I can arrange to have food brought in or even bring a chef into the house. If you are looking for activities, I can arrange tickets to the ballet, opera or theater; yoga classes; book clubs; educational forums and more. It’s all about keeping your world big.

As the U.S. population ages, more alternative living options for seniors who don’t want to live alone will be needed.  Ten thousand people in the United States turn 65 every day, and will for the next 19 years. This boutique living concept will grow more common as the population gets older.

If you are interested in seeing Vibrante for yourself, call me at 612-816-6940. I would be more than happy to give you a tour and share my vision for women who are vibrant and engaged in life.



Five ways for seniors to find joy this holiday season

The holidays can be a lonely time for many people, especially if you don’t have family nearby. One of Vibrante’s goals is to keep our members connected to the community, which is especially important at holiday time. While families and friends may be spread across the country, there are still ways to find joy this time of year. Here’s a list to get you started.

  • Take extra care of yourself. This becomes especially important when stress levels tend to rise. If you’re not sure where to start, consider taking a meditation class, which can teach you how to relax both physically and emotionally. Your activity level doesn’t matter, anyone can participate.
  • Assess your living situation. It may seem like a big step, but if you are feeling isolated during the holiday season, maybe it’s time to consider a new living arrangement. Shared living options, such as Vibrante, may be your best alternative to living alone. Vibrante provides fellowship that evolves from living with carefully chosen, like-minded people.
  • Organize outings with friends. Others may be feeling a little alone at the holidays, too. Gather friends and neighbors for a fun excursion. The Minnesota Orchestra offers senior ticket deals for groups. Their Sunday matinee series and Thursday morning coffee concerts offer senior groups of 10 or more $29 tickets for a variety of shows. Their facilities are fully accessible with amenities including bus parking, accessible seating and assistive listening devices.
  • Lift your mood by helping others. Lots of charities are desperate for volunteers during the holiday season. Give some time to others by volunteering at a local food bank or neighborhood community center. It’s a great way to meet new people and gain perspective on your own blessings.
  • Make some new traditions. If you are feeling the absence of family, fun and friendship, realize it is what it is and be kind to yourself. Read a funny book, enjoy a crossword puzzle or do a craft. Call family and friends who are far away. Pamper yourself with a trip to the salon or buy yourself a little gift that will bring you joy.

It can be hard to get through the holidays when you are feeling lonely, but taking time for yourself and giving to others can really help.

Try these resources for other ideas on making the holidays bright.





Feature article confirms Vibrante has a unique story worth telling!

What a great welcome to the neighborhood! Thank you to the Longfellow Nokomis Messenger and reporter Margie O’Loughlin for this full-page feature article on Vibrante. As I told O’Loughlin, “Vibrante is much bigger than me; it’s about changing the narrative of how we age.” It’s nice to have the local media embrace our unique senior living concept. I hope to show you what we’re all about during our upcoming open house.

Boomers do it our own way

Vibrante is about staying engaged with life as we age. Baby boomers have always changed the world around us, and there’s no reason to stop trailblazing now! I told O’Loughlin, “Since the 1960s, we’ve changed the way everything works in our country. We’re not going to go out quietly.”

More than just a place to live

The article does an excellent job of describing both the newly renovated home and the unique services Vibrante provides. As I said in the article, “My vision is simply to create a space that can hold four spicy, older, independent women—one that offers them the right balance of shared space and privacy so that they can continue to live happy, full, and satisfying lives.”

In the sidebar, I describe the six things that women should consider to bring them happiness and fulfillment as they age.

Join us during our open house

If the idea of Vibrante intrigues you, stop by our open house on Thursday, December 7 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The house is located at 5455 Woodlawn Boulevard in Minneapolis. Light appetizers will be served. Those who bring a nonperishable food item, benefitting those in need during the holidays, will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Target gift card. I would be more than happy to show you around.

Business Journal readers learn about new boomer living arrangement

I was pleased to talk about Vibrante Living with Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reporter Nick Williams. It’s gratifying that reporters think enough about this concept to want to share the Vibrante story with their readers. Nick compared Vibrante Living to the award-winning television show Golden Girls. That’s a nice compliment, but believe me, this is a new concept in shared senior living.

Young adults have enjoyed the shared living concept for a long time. With boomers redefining both retirement and what housing for people 55-plus looks like, shared living is now a great idea for senior women. Nick described Vibrante tenants as, “active, single women who no longer want to live alone, looking to downsize and who don't want to live on a senior living campus that can have up to 100 units.” He got it exactly right.

As I told Nick, after working in senior services for the past six years, I’m convinced that active older women want more out of life than bingo and bus trips to the mall. Vibrante Living’s proximity to Lake Nokomis, dedicated walking and biking trails, swimming and sailing areas, and great restaurants make it easy for members to continue living interesting, varied lives.

Nick and I also discussed the cost to live at Vibrante, which varies according to the size of each of our four private suites. All rooms offer en suite bathrooms and the largest has a seating area and fireplace. Shared living areas include a sunroom, library, LR, DR, kitchen, and patio. I’m pleased to share our newly revised pricing structure beginning November 1. Call me 612-816-6940 to learn more – it may be more affordable than you think!

Vibrante Living has other amenities that you may not find in most senior living facilities, like our concierge service, which is included in the monthly membership fee. We can do anything from arranging for tickets to shows or sporting events, to booking travel plans or even arranging to bring in a chef for special dinners. We can also help you vet and connect with businesses to help you move in, or other services if you should need them as you age. We make staying active easy.

Take look at the Vibrante Living photos in the article’s slideshow. If you like what you see, call me at 612-816-6940 to set up a tour.

Harvard study shows community contributes to longer, healthier life

An 80-year-long Harvard study, published in 2017, found that the key to living a longer, healthier life may be having a sense of community as you age. The study confirms what I’ve observed in my own career as clinical social worker: Having close, happy relationships is a powerful influence on health and how well you flourish as you age. Those with the best relationships at age 50 were the healthiest at age 80. Maintaining social connections that help you feel loved and worthwhile is a lot easier to accomplish on a smaller, community level. That’s why I created Vibrante Living.

Social interaction is important at all ages, and the Harvard study shows that it may be even more important as you age. Although the study was conducted only on men, and Vibrante is only for women, the findings are pretty universal. Isolation can be as debilitating to your health as drinking alcohol in excess or smoking. In a popular TED talk, psychiatrist and Harvard study director Robert Waldinger said, “Good relationships don’t just protect our bodies; they protect our brains.” To help protect our health as we age so that we may remain active, we should put ourselves in environments that encourage social interactions. 

Often older adults move into condos or apartments, but those can be isolating, especially if you don’t have children or your kids are spread across the United States. With room for four women, Vibrante strives to give members the private space they need plus shared living spaces that enable members to interact with each other. Vibrante offers the companionship of strong, smart, interesting women who want to live their purpose as they age. Members have opportunities to stay actively involved in volunteering, mentoring and other philanthropic activities.

As the Harvard researchers pointed out, maintaining healthy relationships is as important as taking care of your physical needs. Vibrante is more than just a place to live, it’s a place to flourish. This is an ideal setting for active, independent older women who simply don’t want to live alone any longer. 

If you are interested in learning more about Vibrante Living, give me a call at 612-816-6940 or fill out this simple form. I would be happy to set up a tour or meeting.

Five things to consider before selecting a shared living community

Shared living communities are a great place to live, grow, thrive and participate in community as we grow older. “As a clinical social worker, I know that women, especially, can thrive in a shared social setting,” comments Vibrante Living Founder Roxanne Cornell. “They may be alone because they are divorced, widowed or never married. If they are brought together with other like-minded, educated women who are still interested in learning and enjoying life, they can continue to live full, rich lives.” 

Here are five things to consider when evaluating shared senior living communities and tips for choosing the one best suited for your unique needs:

1. How do you prefer to spend your time? Community and independence are not mutually exclusive. Just like in your own home, privacy is as valuable as community. Consider: Do you want a private suite with your own bathroom? Is a quiet sitting area important to you? Would you enjoy having friendly conversations in a large kitchen and living area? 

2. Do you share a spirit and desire for collaboration and cooperative problem-solving?

Are you flexible and open to new people and ideas? “It’s a must have quality for living with others. If issues do come up, they need to be quickly resolved to everyone’s mutual benefit,” comments Cornell. If you consider yourself a doer and progressive thinker, a smaller, shared living environment with just two or three other residents may be your best choice.

3. What location would best suit your lifestyle and personality?

Location is important. What is within walking distance? What is a short drive away? If you prefer an urban environment with a neighborly feel, consider something in an established residential neighborhood. “I chose to remodel a large home across the street from Lake Nokomis, for example, because it gives Vibrante residents access to a serene setting plus an eclectic mix of nearby activities,” says Cornell.   Continue living life in your terms. If such activities as shopping, theatre and sporting events are important to you, then they should be part of your checklist.

4. Do you lead a healthy and active lifestyle?

Some larger shared living communities may offer games and organized tours. But if a sedentary lifestyle just isn’t you, a better option may be to look fora residence near dedicated walking and biking trails or with water activities such as swimming, kayaking, or boating. “You will also want to decide if you want someone determining your meal selections, as may be the case in some larger locations with hundreds of residents, or if you want to be responsible for your own healthy meals,” advises Cornell. 

5. Are you actively involved in volunteering, mentoring and other philanthropic activities?

Many of us find fulfillment in helping others. That passion to contribute doesn’t have to stop just because you’re getting older. Look for a residence that supports and encourages opportunities to stay involved in the community. “People want purpose,” confirms Cornell. “Staying involved with your community allows you to meet new people and feel that your activities have meaning.”

If you can see yourself living in a shared living community, come visit Vibrante Living.

Contact Roxanne at 612-816-6940 or fill out this simple form to set up a tour or meeting.

Top popular outings around Lake Nokomis, ideal for active older adults

Minneapolis has a high standard of living and the Lake Nokomis area perhaps has an even better standard than the rest of the city. Its blend of scenic beauty and popular outings makes this area an ideal setting for Vibrante Living.

The Lake Nokomis area is one of the gems of the beautiful, thriving city of Minneapolis. It offers year-round activities for residents of all ages, whether you are looking to participate in outdoor activities, relax or dine.

●      Stay fit by exploring the lake’s walking, biking and water sports. Named “Best Place to Get Away from it All Without Leaving Town” by City Pages, Lake Nokomis Park has two main beaches surrounded by a dedicated 2.7-mile pedestrian trail or a 2.78-mile bike trail. Both beaches have lifeguards on duty and are easily accessible from the trails. In addition to picnic spots and a concession stand, the main beach, just a four-minute drive from Vibrante, offers canoe, kayak, paddle board and pedal boat rentals.

●      Experience nature and discover nearby volunteer opportunities. Nokomis Naturescape Garden is within easy walking distance, about .7 miles from Vibrante. Its garden offers space to explore, relax and learn about nature, as well as ongoing volunteer opportunities. Featuring native grasses and wildflowers, the 4-acre garden is a certified Monarch Waystation and the site of the annual Minneapolis Monarch Festival.

●      Grab a table at some of the Twin Cities’ best places to eat. Neighborhood restaurants abound, featuring everything from burgers and beers, to international cuisine. The restaurants near Lake Nokomis tend to be laid-back and cozy, with no need to dress up. Coffee shops are plentiful, including neighborhood favorite, Mel-O-Glaze Bakery, known for its jumbo donuts! Voted one of the Top Ten restaurants in the area, Xavi offers a globally inspired menu, an eclectic wine menu and many local beers on tap. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend for an afternoon or evening out.

The Lake Nokomis neighborhood is a community that fits an active lifestyle, but still has a serene setting.

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Six ways independent senior living brings women happiness as they age

Every woman deserves to live a joyful, purpose-filled life as she ages. That means a caring community, opportunities to serve the greater good, and the ability to grow and thrive. Social interaction is also important. If your kids are spread across the U.S., you still need social connections to feel loved and worthwhile. That is a lot easier to accomplish on a smaller, community level than in a larger independent senior living environment

Here are six things that women should consider to find happiness and fulfillment as they age:  

1.     Feeling pampered now and then. Sometimes you want things but need help getting them done. Monthly Vibrante membership includes concierge services similar to those available at high-end hotels. Do you want tickets to a Guthrie performance? Need to make travel arrangements to visit your sister in Florida? Dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant? Help is always available.

2.     A choice of interesting activities. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you suddenly lose interest in the things you’ve been passionate about. Our members have access to things other than bingo. If they want to register for a French cooking class, we’ll make that happen. We’ll even arrange for a private chef if they want to give a dinner party.

3.     A shared living community. Yes, there are activities in those larger senior communities with hundreds of units, but if you’re not as outgoing, it may be harder to get involved. Vibrante Living offers the companionship of strong, smart, interesting women who want to live their purpose as they age. Members also have alone time in a peaceful environment.

4.     An ideal setting: What brings you peace? Do you have easy access to the things that bring you joy? Every room in the house has a view of Lake Nokomis. Walking and bike paths, the library, restaurants and shopping are all nearby. With so much to do and see, every day can be an adventure. 

5.     Opportunities to contribute to the community. Contributing to the greater good gives life meaning. Our members will have opportunities to stay actively involved in volunteering, mentoring and other philanthropic activities. 

6.     Access to social worker services. As you age and may need services brought into the home, we’ll help you navigate the elder care maze. It’s a large system that can be very confusing. Thankfully we have lots of experience.

Vibrante Living as a gathering place designed for do-ers who live life on their terms, regardless of their age