FOX 9 reporter explores new living concept for older adult women

FOX 9 was so intrigued by the Vibrante Living concept that producers sent one of my favorite reporters, M.A. Rosko, to tour our beautifully remodeled Lake Nokomis home. Thanks to Rosko's skilled interview, the story turned out so great, they aired it four times!

Living options for active, independent women aren’t plentiful, but as Vibrante’s founder, I’m working to change that. And if it reminds you of the popular television show “The Golden Girls,” well, that’s no coincidence. They were in mind when the concept was created.

Rosko calls my concept, “Golden Girls living for modern times.” When I was asked about similarities, I told her, “Well, they had fun. They were up at midnight eating cheesecake and drinking coffee. They cared for each other, they loved each other. They ended up being really great friends.”

It was a thrill to give Rosko and her camera person a tour of the home. She seemed impressed by the shared living spaces. She also commented on the wonderful views of Lake Nokomis from each of the private suites. These suites are currently blank slates, waiting for the personal touches of the women who move into them. When women do move in, I expect them to bring their big, full lives. It’s important for us as we age to keep our lives active and interesting. I think that’s easier to do with a small community of like-minded, progressive women.

I’m also thankful to Rosko for telling viewers that Vibrante also features amenities that aren’t found in the average home, including concierge service. If you’re tired and have had a long week, I can arrange to have food brought in or even bring a chef into the house. If you are looking for activities, I can arrange tickets to the ballet, opera or theater; yoga classes; book clubs; educational forums and more. It’s all about keeping your world big.

As the U.S. population ages, more alternative living options for seniors who don’t want to live alone will be needed.  Ten thousand people in the United States turn 65 every day, and will for the next 19 years. This boutique living concept will grow more common as the population gets older.

If you are interested in seeing Vibrante for yourself, call me at 612-816-6940. I would be more than happy to give you a tour and share my vision for women who are vibrant and engaged in life.