Age better by living among other purpose-filled women

As we think about aging, we often focus on the physical: what we need to do to keep our bodies strong, enabling us to live active, rewarding lives long into retirement. Diet and exercise are obvious factors, but our emotional health also impacts how we age. A study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that older adults who have a strong purpose in life slowed their physical decline. This is good news because it’s a factor that you can control, and this is part of my vision for the women at Vibrante Living.

Living a purpose-filled life may mean something as simple as having a friend to share dinner with. Or maybe it means something bigger to you: traveling to places you’ve never been, volunteering for a cause that’s close to your heart or learning a new skill. These are the kinds of experiences that will help you age with strength and meaning.  

The study found that older adults living with a sense of purpose had a 13 percent decreased risk of developing a weak grip and a 14 percent decreased risk of developing a slow walk. This demonstrates that caring for our emotional health has a positive effect on our physical health.

If you need more proof that a purpose-filled life can help you live longer and stronger, look no further than people such as Aleksander Doba, who kayaked across the Atlantic at age 70 so he could feel alive in his old age; or look at Jane Fonda, who at 80, shows no signs of slowing her thriving Hollywood career. Their strength in their later years is almost certainly due in part to continued dedication to things that bring purpose to their lives.

Filling your life with meaningful experiences is easier in a shared living community such as Vibrante Living. Vibrante brings together four smart, interesting women so they can cultivate the kinds of relationships that are sure to lead to a purpose-filled life. Vibrante can help you set up meaningful volunteer work, help you plan your next trip or find the perfect place for dinner with your friends. Thanks to its urban setting in the heart of Minneapolis, you’re surrounded by cultural activities, biking and walking trails and world-class dining, all things that, with a friend by your side, are sure to keep you actively loving life.

If you want to remain active in your community, all while surrounding yourself with other purpose-filled women, consider Vibrante Living. Call me at 612-816-6940, I would love to tell you more.