ActiveOver50's Senior Housing Guide ran my article on community aging

I’m always eager to tell others about the wonderful benefits of shared housing. The sense of community it creates may help us live longer, healthier lives as we age. Thanks to the editors of ActiveOver50 magazine for including my article in their senior housing guide. “Community and independence are not mutually exclusive,” I wrote, and this is why small, shared living situations like Vibrante are a great a retirement option for active older adults.

Several articles throughout this special edition of ActiveOver50 highlighted the importance of avoiding loneliness and isolation as we age. Another clear theme was the growing number of boomers who want to remain active in retirement. One adventure travel company specifically caters to older travelers. Another story talked about retirement communities that include everything from gyms to organized outings that appeal to their residents who want to live an active lifestyle.

“Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you suddenly lose interest in the things you’ve been passionate about. In fact, now you may even have more time and energy to enjoy them,” I wrote. Knowing this, I included a concierge service when I designed Vibrante Living. There’s so much to do and see in our community, and I want to enable the four women living at Vibrante to have their best years yet.

Vibrante is a single-family residence featuring four private bedroom suites with en-suite baths. This community-style living, in the heart of Minneapolis, allows women to enjoy each other’s companionship while living in a private, home environment. This is a great way to keep loneliness from creeping into our lives as we age!

ActiveOver50 magazine has grown significantly over the past decade, likely because businesses realize that active seniors make up a large, growing segment of our population. In the next 30 years, the over-65 population will be larger than the younger generations. I’m grateful for being able to help grow the conversation about helping people thrive as they age. 

Would a shared housing concept be a good fit for you? Or maybe you have a friend who could benefit from a community like Vibrante’s. Share my blog with your friends, so we can show others the value of community living while actively aging.