Thanks, Face Aging MN, for including me in your conversation about aging

The more we talk about aging, the closer we’ll come to ending the stigma often associated with getting older. I was honored to encourage these important discussions in an interview with Face Aging MN. The goal of Face Aging MN is to create a conversation that leads families, community leaders, caregivers and legislators to embrace the responsibility that comes with a rapidly aging society. It was great to talk with representatives of this campaign because, like me, they are passionate about ending ageism and supporting Minnesota’s older adults.

Face Aging MN looks for ways to improve gaps in elder care. I shared a story about a need that I helped fill in my community for more volunteer drivers. A simple act – driving a neighbor to the store – significantly impacts people facing new challenges as they get older. 

One of the organization’s top priorities is making sure all of Minnesota's older adults have high-quality housing, an issue close to my heart. I created Vibrante Living because I saw an unfulfilled need for retirement housing for women who want to remain active and who value a small community of like-minded women. Getting older doesn’t look the same for everyone, so we need to create options. I hope Vibrante reaches women who feel that a large retirement complex is not the best fit for them.

During the interview, I said “I think the more we talk about aging, the more we see it, which is a good thing. It’s a call to action.” Working together we can create support systems to care for our elders. Change will come by using our voices, starting at the local level. “We need to have these conversations with city council members, with our neighbors,” I told Face Aging MN. “We need to start talking or continue to talk. We’re ill-prepared in this country for the older adult population and how we’re going to care for them.”

Thank you, Face Aging MN, for your advocacy and for talking with me. As with their work, I hope Vibrante Living helps more Minnesotans embrace aging. Vibrante is located near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. It’s a unique living situation that enables four active women to share companionship and involvement in their older years. I believe every woman deserves to live a joyful, purpose-filled life as she ages.  

If Vibrante sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know, I’d love to talk more about my vision for women living at Vibrante. Call me at 612-816-6940 to talk or set up a tour.