Celebrate the love and richness friendship brings to life in retirement

February may be filled with clichés focusing on romance, champagne and roses. But fulfilling, happy, long-lasting relationships come in many forms. In fact, the love and companionship we all crave is often found in friendship. This is why Galentine’s Day – a celebration of your gal pals – is something many of us can appreciate as we age. I created Vibrante Living to give women a place to share their feelings, be heard, be respected, be loved. It’s a place for women to nurture traits we treasure most in our closest relationships.  

I love watching The Golden Girls because it’s packed with life lessons. Most importantly, it taught us that life’s second act can be amazing, especially when you treat your friends as your family. These four women created an incredible sense of belonging. Aging often means children have moved away. Maybe you’ve dealt with the loss of a spouse. But if we’re able to create and depend on strong friendships in our life, we’ll always have love to celebrate in February.

Strong connections have been shown to increase overall health and longevity. So, especially in today’s technology-driven world, it’s important to put effort into connecting with others. Social media has its benefits, but it can’t replace what we gain from face-to-face time with friends and loved ones. The relationships that will sustain us and nurture us through life are built from strong, personal connections.  

What sets Vibrante apart from larger retirement communities is that there’s built-in space for fostering intimacy and companionship. It’s harder to find that when you live in a 300-unit building. The impact of women retiring to smaller communities, where they can actively enjoy life’s later years together, could be great for our health because we’ll create more of the intimate relationships we need. And if Blanche taught us anything, it’s that 60 is the new 40! That means that many dinners, nights at the theater and walks around the lake with friends are in our futures. We don’t have to slow down, especially with friends to encourage us.   

Do you remember the Valentine’s Day episode of The Golden Girls where the women’s dates were all no-shows? They instead spent the night together, noshing on desserts, laughing, telling stories, reliving memories. If you can envision a night like this in your future, celebrating Galentine’s Day surrounded by like-minded women at Vibrante Living, I’d love to talk with you. We anticipate openings in June 2020.