Top popular outings around Lake Nokomis, ideal for active older adults

Minneapolis has a high standard of living and the Lake Nokomis area perhaps has an even better standard than the rest of the city. Its blend of scenic beauty and popular outings makes this area an ideal setting for Vibrante Living.

The Lake Nokomis area is one of the gems of the beautiful, thriving city of Minneapolis. It offers year-round activities for residents of all ages, whether you are looking to participate in outdoor activities, relax or dine.

●      Stay fit by exploring the lake’s walking, biking and water sports. Named “Best Place to Get Away from it All Without Leaving Town” by City Pages, Lake Nokomis Park has two main beaches surrounded by a dedicated 2.7-mile pedestrian trail or a 2.78-mile bike trail. Both beaches have lifeguards on duty and are easily accessible from the trails. In addition to picnic spots and a concession stand, the main beach, just a four-minute drive from Vibrante, offers canoe, kayak, paddle board and pedal boat rentals.

●      Experience nature and discover nearby volunteer opportunities. Nokomis Naturescape Garden is within easy walking distance, about .7 miles from Vibrante. Its garden offers space to explore, relax and learn about nature, as well as ongoing volunteer opportunities. Featuring native grasses and wildflowers, the 4-acre garden is a certified Monarch Waystation and the site of the annual Minneapolis Monarch Festival.

●      Grab a table at some of the Twin Cities’ best places to eat. Neighborhood restaurants abound, featuring everything from burgers and beers, to international cuisine. The restaurants near Lake Nokomis tend to be laid-back and cozy, with no need to dress up. Coffee shops are plentiful, including neighborhood favorite, Mel-O-Glaze Bakery, known for its jumbo donuts! Voted one of the Top Ten restaurants in the area, Xavi offers a globally inspired menu, an eclectic wine menu and many local beers on tap. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend for an afternoon or evening out.

The Lake Nokomis neighborhood is a community that fits an active lifestyle, but still has a serene setting.

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Six ways independent senior living brings women happiness as they age

Every woman deserves to live a joyful, purpose-filled life as she ages. That means a caring community, opportunities to serve the greater good, and the ability to grow and thrive. Social interaction is also important. If your kids are spread across the U.S., you still need social connections to feel loved and worthwhile. That is a lot easier to accomplish on a smaller, community level than in a larger independent senior living environment

Here are six things that women should consider to find happiness and fulfillment as they age:  

1.     Feeling pampered now and then. Sometimes you want things but need help getting them done. Monthly Vibrante membership includes concierge services similar to those available at high-end hotels. Do you want tickets to a Guthrie performance? Need to make travel arrangements to visit your sister in Florida? Dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant? Help is always available.

2.     A choice of interesting activities. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you suddenly lose interest in the things you’ve been passionate about. Our members have access to things other than bingo. If they want to register for a French cooking class, we’ll make that happen. We’ll even arrange for a private chef if they want to give a dinner party.

3.     A shared living community. Yes, there are activities in those larger senior communities with hundreds of units, but if you’re not as outgoing, it may be harder to get involved. Vibrante Living offers the companionship of strong, smart, interesting women who want to live their purpose as they age. Members also have alone time in a peaceful environment.

4.     An ideal setting: What brings you peace? Do you have easy access to the things that bring you joy? Every room in the house has a view of Lake Nokomis. Walking and bike paths, the library, restaurants and shopping are all nearby. With so much to do and see, every day can be an adventure. 

5.     Opportunities to contribute to the community. Contributing to the greater good gives life meaning. Our members will have opportunities to stay actively involved in volunteering, mentoring and other philanthropic activities. 

6.     Access to social worker services. As you age and may need services brought into the home, we’ll help you navigate the elder care maze. It’s a large system that can be very confusing. Thankfully we have lots of experience.

Vibrante Living as a gathering place designed for do-ers who live life on their terms, regardless of their age