Typical Member Profile

Vibrante was founded on the concept of like-minded women living together as they age.  Because we value a living arrangement that is peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone, it is important that our members are carefully vetted.  Here is the profile of a typical Vibrante member. 

  • Prefers a mix of time alone and with others
  • Flexible and open to new people and ideas
  • Progressive thinker and doer
  • Spirit and desire for collaboration and cooperative problem-solving
  • Enjoys travel, the arts and learning  
  • Is interested in living in an urban environment with a neighborly feel
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors - walking, biking, hiking or being out on the water
  • Enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Is able to climb stairs multiple times per day
  • Financially independent and savvy
  • Community focused
  • Actively involved in volunteering, mentoring and other philanthropic activities 

If this sounds like you, please give us a call – we’d love to talk with you about becoming a Vibrante member.  You can reach us at (612) 816-6940.